UE is a global manufacturer of durable and reliable WirelessHART gas detectors; intelligent pressure, temperature and vacuum switches, both electromechanical and electronic; security transmitters; controls; and sensors.

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United Electric Controls has protected the industry with the highest quality security solutions, with more than 90 years of experience.​

The vacuum, pressure, differential pressure and temperature switches, transmitters, and sensors are specifically designed to meet harsh and hazardous safety, alarm, and emergency shutdown (ESD) applications; and includes certified safety switches per IEC 61508. UE serves the Chemical & Petrochemical, Power, Oil & Gas industries, as well as many challenging OEM applications


Safety and control for process and OEM equipment

United Electric Controls (UE) manufactures standard and custom designed solutions for safety, alarm, and emergency shutdown (ESD) functions that reduce complexity, simplify installation and achieve regulatory compliance. UE is focused on protecting people, equipment, processes.


  • WirelessHART® gas detectors
  • Pressure switches
  • Temperature switches
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Heat tracing switches and sensors

  • Electronic pressure switches
  • SIL 2 switches and transmitters
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Electronic temperature switches

Information about safety in OEM products dising

Machine safety should be an important consideration for OEM product designers.  So, what is machine safety and how can designers lean on performance standards and vendors to ensure compliance?

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First WirelessHART Toxic or Combustible Gas Detector


When operators involved in oil & gas production, transportation and storage wanted to monitor gas emissions without the time, cost, and disruption of adding wired detectors, UE product development used this voice of the customer to develop a simple to install, untethered HART gas detector that was operational within hours of deployment.

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First SIL2 Smart Switch with Integrated Transmitter, Safety Relay, Trip Alarm, and Logic Solver

As SIS spread beyond the process plant into field applications, operators lacked infra­structure to support a safety system. Listening to operator requirements, UE was able to design an “all-in-one,” SIL-certified device that not only met the safety requirements, but eliminated the complexity and additional equipment associated with SIS implementation.

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Only Loop Powered Electronic Switch with Plugged Port Detection

Two common problems for operators are 1) blocked pressure ports on instruments due to process debris, slurries or media build-up and 2) when block and bleed valves are closed during maintenance. There was a need for a diagnostic that alerted operators to either of these conditions, and eliminated “live-zero” signals, blind process monitoring, and long maintenance cycles.

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